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2009 Thread Log

Current characters:
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[crit and plot go here]

Obligatory, "got something to say?" post. Contact info is here.

List of notable entries and such on Ken's journal.

Canon Relationships Write-up
Notes on Weaponry and Appearance

Permissions Meme
Do you remember me?

Valentine's Day Flower Orders

Here's hoping I got everything right... ctrl-f your orders and let me know!

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Permissions Meme

Hidaka Ken

Age: 19
Hair: Brown

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: I'm always up for crack, so long as there's a reason for the switch.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: Always a good thing. Notably, Ken is most easily reassured and comforted through contact.

Maim/Murder/Death: All systems go for breaking/bruising/bleeding/etc. No loss of limbs/eyes/appendages, please. And run death by me first, because if certain people are around, the situation could get nasty.

Big note: RUN BURNS BY ME TOO. k? k. If your character is likely to fling a fireball at him? Please tell me before I have to deal with Major Ken Emo (tm). I'd rather avoid it, honestly.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything! But be aware that talking about your family might make him emo a little, since he doesn't think he'll ever have one. He's getting better about lack-of-an-education emo, but it's still there, so going on about your degree in ____ will probably make him feel stupid. Also, if you tell him about your psycho abusive parent/sibling/teacher/etc, he will get upset and protective. And possibly try to snuggle you.

Physical traits: 5'8", lean and well-muscled. He doesn't have any tattoos or piercings, but if you ever see him in any state of undress, you will probably notice extensive burn scars.

Abilities: Ken is a trained assassin with a close-range weapon, and between that and being a professional soccer player, he's fast, strong, and has amazing reflexes. Recently he's learned to shoot a gun and crossbow, and soon he'll be learning how to handle a sword as well. As for non-fighting, non-soccer skills... he's a great motorcyclist. If I tried to do half the things he does on that bike, I'd be dead. Omi also taught him how to hack, and thanks to the Koneko, he makes a lovely wedding bouquet.

Secrets: Ken's only real secret is that he's an assassin, but he also keeps his violence addiction and attempted murder quiet.

Other random stuff!

* Ken has a fear of fire. You would, too, if you were burned alive.

* Unless he's sleeping with someone, Ken has nightmares. He's quiet about them 90% of the time... he'll wake up with a little start, roll over, steady his breathing, and go back to sleep.

* Ken doesn't identify himself sexually. He's very clearly not straight. But he's also not exactly gay. Thing is, if you call him bi, he'll look at you funny. As far as Ken is concerned, he just likes who he likes and if you have a problem with that you can go fuck off. He can't stand labels.

* Ken defers to authority. Authority being very loosely defined as someone who knows better/is more capable than him. This occasionally ties in to his inferiority complex and low self-esteem, but for the most part it's just him being smart enough to accept the fact that he doesn't know everything, and he isn't always the best person for the job. Sometimes he'll be pushing about helping, or coming along for something, but he doesn't have any issues with taking orders or following directions.

* Ken doesn't use honoraries, canonically or in camp. I could theorize, but it would all be mindless ramblings, so I'm not going to bore you. Just know that he isn't being particularly intimate or rude, he just.. doesn't use them.


Please list your character's name and their experience playing/preferred position.

I do want to actually play a game at some point, since they used to be a lot of fun, but that can be organized later. NO SPECIAL ABILITIES WILL BE ALLOWED, it's not fair to the normal humans.

Also, I'm going to try and balance the teams to IC abilities. Don't forget the experience playing!

A bit of housekeeping.

New journal, new Ken! Whoever gets the joke in the username gets a cookie.

Ken does not remember camp.

Why not? I'm pulling him from an earlier point in canon, so that I don't have the same issues I did last time.

My stats/permissions are about the same, so I think I'm going to repost that, and some of my essays because they're still relevant. But yeah.

Mostly, right now I'm interested in who would remember Ken (I think more or less all of his friends have dropped but there's always a chance I missed someone), and if his not remembering you would cause issues for your character. I'm willing to work with you!

Thank you for the in votes, guys. ♥

Obligatory App Post!

Voting Post is here.

Character: Hidaka Ken
Series: Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters)
Character Age: 19

Canon: Weiss Kreuz is the story of four assassin florists and their adventures fighting psychics and crime lords (and the occasional tentacle monster) in seedy back alleys. Working for an organization named Kritiker, our heroes face the night to deny dark beasts their tomorrows. Part of their charm is their refusal to use guns or wear masks, and their tendencies to scream out each others' real names and fling their weapons at helicopters. But amidst the crayon-fires and googly-eyed animation is a cast of characters both distinctive and lovable.

Hidaka Ken is on the arguably "good" side of the story, a florist by day and an assassin (codename "Siberian") by night, a dead man in the eyes of the public after a gambling scandal that ruined his career. These days, Ken rides his motorcycle everywhere and coaches kiddie soccer when he isn't killing people. If it wasn't obvious, Ken is a bundle of contradictions. Despite being athletically talented, he is a klutz. Despite once being a famous J-league player, he is occasionally very shy. He's a hothead who rushes into things without a second thought, and lets his fists speak for him when his temper takes over.... but if you haven't pissed him off, Ken is sweet and friendly, a kind-hearted sentimentalist who trusts people far too easily, and whose morals often clash with his night job. The only constant is that he's a loyal friend, who would without hesitation sacrifice himself for his teammates.

Sample Entry: 4-17-2009, 1800: Field Assignment "Gefangenenlager"

Siberian reporting, begin transmission.

I'm now moving through the woods towards the main camp... I got here about two hours ago, mission location "CFUD: Center For Ultimate Degradation." I haven't been able to find any sort of headquarters or question any of the test subjects. The individual known as "The Director" hasn't shown herself, despite the neutralization of several genetically altered security guards. At least, I think they were genetically altered -- if not, they were very well trained, and give new meaning to the saying 'monkey suit.' Anyway, my new theory is that she has a secret base of operations, and I'll have to spend more time here to find it. I'm not excited about that, Kritiker. This place smells like the fertilizer we use on the corpse flower in the greenhouse.

Oh. There's a corpse, that explains that. These boots will never be the same. It looks like he's been out here about a week, but I can't tell what killed him. Poor guy, he must have been one of the test subjects, left out here all alone. Maybe if I roll him over I can get an ID and -- wake him up?!

St**... *ack! ....***st ..* wa***ni...

Kritiker, do you copy? Sorry about that, I got attacked! For a dead guy, he just wouldn't go down. I mean, people could say the same about me, but I was never actually decomposing. Maybe I'll look through the missing persons later and see if any bells ring besides the ones in my ears... he hit pretty hard. Where was I before this? Oh right, a secret base. Which of course, isn't on the map. Thanks for that -- I'm sorry to whoever did recon, but your maps are wrong. Very wrong. I just ran for what I thought was a tool shed and wound up in a huge, overly friendly rosebush that sprayed weird sticky pollen all over my face. ...twice. And here I thought my goggles would do nothing on this mission.

Whatever, this is getting long. Pending further orders, I've decided to infiltrate the facility as camp's new soccer coach. Someone here must have enough balls for a game or two, and it seems like a good cover for a summer camp, even if it is only spring. But. Uh. Please send backup? The only support I've got here is my jock strap.

Siberian out, end transmission.